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About Foley Health and Fitness

Daniel Foley, owner of Foley Health and Fitness felt compelled to design a program that uniquely addressed health holistically after a 114 year old man changed everything he thought he knew about health and fitness. If you are confused or frustrated when it comes to your health and fitness click here to read his story.


"To me Abundant Health means that you look, feel, and perform at your best consistently."

Our philosophy is to help others be:

  • Healthy & Lean
  • Athletic: flexible, powerful and strong
  • Mentally clear and full of energy
  • Have no aches or pains
  • Last for a lifetime.

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Small Group Training

What we offer is small group training.  All new clients start with a consultation and gradually move into a small group of 3-6 people.  Our goal is to provide you with a personal training experience inside of a small group.  

Why a Small Group?

We have found that small groups seem to be the best way to train. Having both a trainer and a group provide extra encouragement and a sense of community which both help you have Abundant Health.   The groups are also small enough to give individual attention and make adjustments to customize your workout towards your goals.  

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We can go slow or fast

Back 15 years ago when I first started working as a personal trainer I over worked my first ever client and made him so sore that he didn't come back.

Since that time we have learned how to start clients at a place that is right for them. 

For most of the our new clients we typically start slow with the goal of building momentum and making progress in each workout.  This keeps you from being too sore and the workouts more enjoyable.  If you are more experienced and want to be pushed we can do that as well.

Our goal is to put you into the correct phases of the workout and make sure that you are progressing at a rate that is right for you.  

 The Environment of the Gym

Going to a gym and especially working with a trainer can be an intimidating experience, but when you come in people will know you by name and your trainer will put you into a place where you can succeed and make consistent progress.  

Our trainers are not going to be yelling and screaming at you.  Our goal is to partner with you and provide the tools and plans you need to be successful.  

Get Started With 4 Discovery Workouts for $70

All new clients start with an initial consultation followed by 4 Discovery Workouts.   

These are four 25-30 minute long sessions done with a goal of putting you into a program that is right for you.  As trainers it takes us a few sessions to get to know you.  These four workouts allow us to discover where you are starting from, if there are any issues we need to address or work around, and which of our training programs would be the best for you.  

Once you are done with your 4 Discovery workouts we will make some recommendations as to which of our programs would be the best fit for you.  The cost for the initial consultation and 4 Discovery Workouts is $70

What to do Next

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Daniel Foley


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