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We Offer Several Ways to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Train In Our Gym With a Trainer

Training in our gym is a unique experience where a trainer guides you every step of the way with a program that is appropriate for your goals and fitness level.  

Online Coaching

Train with us from anywhere in the world with our Online Coaching program.  

Self Study

Learn the principles of Abundant Health by studying and applying on your own.  

About Foley Health and Fitness

Daniel Foley, owner of Foley Health and Fitness felt compelled to design a program that uniquely addressed health holistically after a 114 year old man changed everything he thought he knew about health and fitness. If you are confused or frustrated when it comes to your health and fitness click here to read his story.


"To me Abundant Health means that you look, feel, and perform at your best consistently."

Our philosophy is to help others be:

  • Healthy & Lean
  • Athletic: flexible, powerful and strong
  • Mentally clear and full of energy
  • Have no aches or pains
  • Have it all last for a lifetime.

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