Our premier fitness facility is located in the New River Valley, and our focus is on achieving maximum results for our clients.  At Foley Health and Fitness Training, our clients come first, and your results are what matter the most to us.  All of our Personal Training sessions are conducted with a trainer who walks you through every step of the process.  We view our facility as a place of fitness and nutrition education, and our programs have been time tested through years of experience to produce the results that our clients desire.
8 Of The Most Nutritious Super-foods To Add To Your Diet
Author: Ashley Fillmore   Who doesn't want to feel great, have wonderful skin and hair, better digestion, and improved performance in the gym? Listed below are 8 super-foods that will help you achieve these goals. I truly believe we are what we eat, so let's make a...
Everything is Intertwined
Author: Dan Foley Why is it that for many people when they start to workout they also start to eat better, and when people start to eat better they feel more motivated to exercise?  I think this is due to the different aspects of our health that are all intertwined into one big...
Thank you, Sherry Johnston!
We would like to thank Sherry Johnston for taking the time to speak on: "Changing and Regaining Her Life" at Foley Health & Fitness Training on October 4th. Click on the picture below to see more photos from the event!