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About Foley Health and Fitness


From Tired, Out of Shape, and Flabby...

To Abundant Health and Thriving.

After going all over the country and learning from all of the best health and fitness gurus here is what I learned -

There is no magic workout, diet, or supplement that is going to transform your body instantly.

I tried eating pounds of meat, eating raw eggs, intermittent fasting, and going vegetarian. I tried working out till I puked. I tried taking over 50 supplement pills per day but none of it really gave me what I was looking for. I was searching for a simple and fun way to really have Abundant Health. To me Abundant Health means that you look, feel, and perform at your best. I wanted to find a way to have it all. To be healthy, lean, athletic, flexible, strong, powerful, mentally clear, full of energy, with no aches or pains, and to have it all last for a lifetime. I wanted a way where I didn't have to workout for hours every day or feel terrible after my workouts. I wanted a way that didn't make me a slave to my diet.

Frustrated that I wasn't finding what I was looking for I eventually found a man who lived to be 114 years old. Not only was he 114 years old but he was still thriving and had never been sick a day in his life. He said that all of his secrets were in the Bible. I began to search in my Bible and sure enough everything was in there. I began to understand how our bodies work and turn what I had learned into a system for Abundant Health.

What I learned is that your body has a language of its own. Food, exercise, sleep, stress, and more are all sending information to your body constantly. If you can learn the language of your body and begin to send the right information your health and body will transform.

The transformation I am talking about is not just physical. Yes, you will transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. But, what I am really talking about is becoming the best version of you. This new version is mentally and physically fit, confident, and functions at a higher level in every area. This new you is open, flexible, clear, and always improving. This new you has a higher level of balance, energy, and joy.

The Abundant Health Prism

One of the main concepts we use for Abundant Health comes from a prism. Think of Abundant Health like white light shining through a glass. On one side you have white light which is Abundant Health. On the other side all of the colors of the rainbow are visible. All of the colors are hidden in light. In a similar way there are 7 Pillars hidden in what it takes to have Abundant Health. Our goal is to build up and be continually improving in each of these pillars.

The 7 Pillars of Abundant Health
1) Mindset
2) Nutrition
3) Joint Health
4) Energy
5) Fitness
6) Body Composition
7) Health and Longevity

These 7 Pillars are the building blocks for Abundant Health. We take these building blocks and help you create your own personal mix. You have a mix of genes and goals that nobody else has. You need a program that is created just for you. The beauty of our system is in creating a plan that is just for you.

Small Group Training

What we offer is small group training.  All new clients start with a consultation and gradually move into a small group of 3-6 people.  Our goal is to provide you with a personal training experience inside of a small group.  

The Environment

Going to a gym and especially working with a trainer can be an intimidating experience, but when you come in people will know you by name and your trainer will put you into a place where you can succeed and make consistent progress.  

45 Minute Workouts

All of our workouts sessions are 45 minutes long.   We use a timer to keep everyone on track and coordinated together.   The timer also creates a consistent experience in every workout, which produces more consistent results.  

Flexible Scheduling

All training sessions are scheduled with a trainer and we offer a very flexible schedule.  We can work with just about any schedule.  Ideally, we try to get you into a rhythm at the same times and days each week if possible.   We open at 5:30 AM and take our last appointments at 6:15 PM

Why a Small Group?

We have found that small groups seem to be the best way to train. Having a both a trainer and a group provide extra encouragement and a sense of community which both help you have Abundant Health.   The groups are also small enough to give individual attention and make adjustments to customize your workout towards your goals.  

The 3 Phases

You may be wondering what the workouts look like?

Our workouts consist of 3 phases. 

Phase 1 - The Foundations Phase - During this phase we make sure that you have a solid foundation in place.  This means that you have good technique, and a foundational level of strength, stamina, and flexibility.  

Phase 2 - The Building Phase - During this phase of the workout we work on losing body fat and developing strength and lean muscle mass.

Phase 3 - The Finishing Phase - During the Finishing Phase we put the finishing touches on your body.  You may have a certain look you are going for or a hobby or sport that you would like to improve your performance in. During this phase we really customize things towards the finishing touches you like.  

We can go slow or fast

For most of the our new clients we typically start slow with the goal of building momentum and making progress in each workout.  This keeps you from being too sore and the workouts more enjoyable.  If you are more experienced and want to be pushed we can do that as well.

Our goal is to put you into the correct phases of the workout and make sure that you are progressing at a rate that is right for you.  

How many workouts per week?

Most of our clients do 2-4 workouts with us per week.  On the days between workouts we give you things to work on.  What we give you varies based on your fitness levels and your goals.  Many of our clients also travel and we teach them ways to stay on track while traveling.   

We also work with you on the other aspects of your health such as your nutrition, sleep, and energy.   

The Nutrition Plan

With your nutrition we work on staying balanced and finding the types and amounts of food that allow you to stay healthy, lean, have good energy, and make progress in your workouts.  The other important part of nutrition is making sure you are consistent and can sustain what you are doing for a lifetime.  

The Yearly Cycle

Your body loves rhythm and it is important to know that Abundant Health has a rhythm. One of the best things we have ever done is start our Yearly Cycle. We have weekly, monthly, and yearly checkpoints and cycles in place to make sure that you are improving the way you should be. These cycles help to keep you on track for the long term. Think of these cycles as the rhythm that keeps your health on track.


Our program is not the cheapest around. Our monthly plans range from $280 - $640 per month, and we do offer family plans.  My guess is that if you are someone really looking to transform then price is not your deciding factor. You are looking for transformation. Again, if the lowest price is what you are looking for then there are cheaper options. Our goal is to have the best program in the world and that does come with a slightly higher price tag.

Month to Month Memberships

All of our memberships are month to month.   When I was in college I was burned by a gym contract and it cost me more money to quit than to join.  I wanted something different.  All of our plans are month to month and you can stop after any month.  I also like this because it puts some pressure on us to deliver for you consistently.

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Daniel Foley


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