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Total Body Refresh

40 Days to Feel Better

From Daniel Foley

Christiansburg, VA

Sometimes your body needs a refresh.  

My goal is to help people have Abundant Health, which means continually improving in the way your body...

  • Feels
  • Looks 
  • Performs

After years of traveling all over the country and studying with some of the best health experts and working with clients for almost 20 years something I have learned is that....

Health is a Skill

The more the right habits and practices are developed the healthier your body becomes and the better you feel, look, and perform.  

Total Body Refresh is the first phase of our system for helping you have a lifetime of feeling, looking, and performing better.  

Total Body Refresh will help you feel better so that you have...

  • Mental clarity
  • Joints that feel great
  • A body free of pain
  • High energy levels
  • And most importantly you are set up to continue with a lifetime of Abundant Health.  

The 40 Day Path

Here is the path we will be taking during the 40 days...

Days 1-10 - The spiritual, mental, and emotional part of health. 

If you just work on your physical body you are neglecting over two thirds of your being.  By the spiritual I mean the things you believe to be true about health and what is possible for your body.  During these 10 days we are going to break many of the myths and misconceptions about health.  

Days 11-20 - Nutrition

A nutrition plan that will get you results but more importantly set you up for a lifetime of success.  In this plan no foods are off limits.

Days 21-30 - Fitness and Joint Health 

During this phase you will learn how to build a solid fitness foundation and have joints that feel great. No equipment will even be needed for your fitness.  

Days 31-40 - Energy.

During this phase you will learn how to sleep well and have high energy all day long.  

What is Included?

  • Quickstart Guide emailed to you
  • 40 Day Course Delivered by Email
  • Each day you'll receive a short email guiding you through the program. 

The Cost - Only $18

How to Get Started - The course is on- demand and can be started anytime. Click the orange button below to get started. 

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Daniel Foley is the owner of Foley Health and Fitness and the author of Cracking Heaven's Code: God's System for Restoring Abundant Health.  


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